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The Hunza Nation - Living Long Healthy Lives At High Altitudes 

The Hunza Environment 

The Hunza country, living at 9000 feet in the Himalayas, has been read for a long time to discover the insider facts of their wellbeing and life span, not being unprecedented for them to live past 100 years up into the 120's. Some have lived spend 140 years of age. Men have fathered youngsters in their 90's, having basically no infection among them. 

In 1921, a British doctor introduced a report following seven years of contemplating the cherry blossom season in hunza, and discovered that they were a straightforward group with unadulterated nourishment, unadulterated water, no poisons, day by day work out, natural air, daylight, rest, and lived peaceful lives. 

The two people when in their 80's resembled, and had the endurance of long term olds. They would walk sixty miles in a day through hilly region and look as though they just went for a morning stroll. 

These individuals for quite a long time have been cut off from current human progress because of their area, getting up and hitting the hay with the sun, having no cutting edge comforts, developing their own food without synthetic compounds - just characteristic fertilizer, living twice the length individuals in the advanced world. 

The Hunza Diet 

How about we investigate the eating routine of the Hunzas and see what and how they eat to remain so sound and illness free. 

Incredibly, they just eat two suppers each day. The primary supper around early afternoon, yet they emerge at 5 a. m. What does this advise us? The food they eat was so nutritious they simply expected to eat twice every day, not eating for delight, yet for wellbeing and strength. 

All that they eat was common, having a huge piece of their eating regimen comprised of grains, for example, grain, millet, buckwheat and wheat. 

Leafy foods 

They likewise eat leafy foods consistently, for the most part new and crude, a few vegetables cooked for a brief timeframe, and heaps of nuts. A few times the whole supper comprised of just nuts. 

Apricots being a top pick in the Hunzas diet, were eaten new in season and dried in the sun to be eaten year around. (Three and one half ounces of apricots rises to 11,000 units of nutrient A, more than twice the every day suggestion. Apricots additionally contain high measures of iron, potassium and common fiber.) 


Nuts are nutritious and give loads of energy, containing fat, carbs and protein. Nuts, for example, almonds and pecans are useful for heart wellbeing. Nuts are additionally high in calories. One pack of nuts, 16 ounces, supplies around 2400 calories. Nuts additionally contain cancer prevention agents, and are a decent fiber source. They give Omega 3 unsaturated fats, the great fats, which are likewise found in fish. 

Dairy Foods and Meat 

Milk and cheddar are acceptable wellsprings of creature protein for the Hunzas. They do eat some meat, for the most part chicken cooked in stews. They eat next to no hamburger or lamb, as a rule eating meat about once per week. 

Yogurt is a vital piece of their weight control plans, giving great microbes, which is fundamental for wellbeing and long life. 


The Hunzas prepared their own breads from entire grains, leaving every one of the nutrients and minerals in affability. 

The Hunza Compromise 

Up until the 1970's the Hunzas were probably the most solid individuals on earth, until an all-climate street was worked to the Hunza country. On schedule, current undesirable food sources were acquainted with them. With in a half year of eating western food sources the Hunzas started to be affected in their wellbeing and prosperity, going from an infection free individuals, who didn't have a clue about the normal cold, to a group who currently face similar afflictions and sicknesses as the advanced world. This is discouraging to see a group, so sound and solid, be undermined in light of the fact that the western world's eating routine of today. 

Long Life Possible Today 

Nonetheless, there is a lifestyle choice liberated from the disorders and illnesses on the earth today. The Hunzas have demonstrated it to be valid. They are not some uncommon individuals, but rather individuals who did what was important to live long and solid. 

God said that man will carry on with long and fulfilled lives on earth. He is the God that changes not. He is a similar yesterday, today and until the end of time. 

With the goal for this to occur, man should eat the food varieties that God has picked and drink unadulterated water. He said that He would favor our bread and water and take ailment from the middle of his kin, that we may serve him. 

It is acceptable to take a model from the Hunzas, yet, why not examination the Bible concerning how to eat to carry on with long and solid lives on the earth. I urge you to do precisely that.

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