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My Cuistot - Healthy And Weight Loss Diet Food Delivery

My Cuistot - Healthy And Weight Loss Diet Food Delivery

A change of scale

“ Imagine you could have healthy and delicious food like at the time we were living with your parents? Healthy food delivered now ! „

Finally a solution to eat healthier and cheaper!

Forget about the junk food in delivery from Deliveroo or seamless, with My Cuistot you have 100% fresh and home made food delivered weekly to your door. All recipes are created in Paris by our chef and balanced with in-season ingredients.

Stop spending time thinking about the menus, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. With our chefs near you, you won’t spend any more time with those heavy tasks.

You can choose low-cal and low-carb meals or just healthy balanced meals with vegetables, meats, and vegetal proteins.

With healthy meals delivered each week, you will feel better and get much less sick. We are now delivering healthy and weight loss food in London, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

Don’t waste more time with duties professional chefs can do much better than you, use this time to do sports, read books, do painting, take care of the kids.

Visit our website on www.mycuistot.com and try the service, the subscriptions is without commitment!


We remind you that it is important to do sports in parallel than any diet or healthy food delivery program. Getting your meals delivered will let you time to do sports on a regular basis. We recommend at least 5 hours per week, divided in 3 sessions. Carbohydrates is the sugar we can now find almost everywhere in transformed food. It is primordial to consume 100% home made food and to try to avoid pasta, rice, and potatoes in big quantity. You must focus your diet on ingredients packed with lipids, proteins and vitamins. Indeed, carbohydrates are the only nutriments that your body can create from fat we have in the body.

Moreover, it is really important to consume a maximum of in season ingredients like they will give you all the nutriments and vitamins according to the season. 

Follow those simple coupled with regular sports and you will in a perfect health!

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