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Significance Of Fingerprint Evidence In A Criminal Investigation

Significance Of Fingerprint Evidence In A Criminal Investigation

students pursuing law need to learn different types of law and understand all the tips and tricks needed to master the subject. Sometimes, students need law assignment help because they fail to understand and absorb knowledge, or they cannot produce quality law assignments due to lack of time. While learning criminal law or essay writing, you can come across how solid evidence can lead to a successful investigation. Here is the significance of fingerprint evidence in a criminal investigation.

Process of matching fingerprints

While investigating a criminal case, fingerprint evidence is built on two fundamental principles. The first principle states that the spiraled skin in a human's fingertips doesn't bring any change on his/her lifeline. The second one is that it is impossible to have the same pattern of friction ridges on two persons. Moreover, siblings and twins also cannot have the same fingerprint.

Enforcement officers use these fingerprints to recognize defendants after creating and analyzing a difference between two points that the police already have in their record. Still, they do not have a record; then, they have not committed any crime. Police departments have records of all criminals and have millions of people, but the record doesn't mean that person has committed a crime. The process of matching fingerprints includes matching several points that are similar between two sets of fingerprints.

How to discover a fingerprint?

Investigators use some chemicals and powders to make the prints visible clearly. But clarity depends on the situation and surface of where they are investigating. With advanced technology, it has become relatively easier to find fingerprints, and all are readily available with a touch on the screen. With technology, people can be identified with a partial print too.

A defensive strategy

with latest technologies like laser technology and other advanced technology is used to determine the barely visible prints. With these technologies, experts can quickly recover identifiable prints on every surface. However, the available ones cannot determine the age of the fingerprints, and that becomes a problem for defense attorneys to argue about the defendant's prints.

The points mentioned above show the significance of fingerprint evidence in a criminal investigation. Students can take criminal law assignment help online so that they can develop quality assignments. Students must get a clear idea about how different global assignment help in a criminal investigation. Once students start practicing law, they have to prove their knowledge in court.


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