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Radio is generally known as a type of entertainment, but there are some other benefits of radio that might not be so obvious at first. We often associate music with Radio but sometimes you can catch a play on the radio and not even realize that it was something that was played in a radio station. Television programs are also made more interesting with sound effects. There is a huge amount of content available in radio today that people would never have thought of before.

Benefits of Radio. internet radio can be a more portable medium than television and yet still allows the listener to continue listening whilst away from home. The visuals are even better on radio. Many well-known television writers began their careers in radio and some very successful TV formats have been tried out on radio before. This has given radio a distinct advantage over television, where they just focus on presenting the program and the effects and aesthetics are left for the audience to take in.

One of the biggest challenges facing radio today is the ability for on-air personalities to get across a message in an engaging and humorous manner. Many people have problems with understanding language when they listen to radio. Contextual targeting aims to solve this problem by allowing radio stations to tailor certain words and phrases that will be targeted by listeners. The targeting is based on a number of factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and general opinion of the listeners.

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