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Rules For Using Harvard Referencing Style

Rules For Using Harvard Referencing Style

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“ There are students who don’t know the basic rules for using Harvard referencing styles.  „

There are students who don’t know the basic rules for using Harvard referencing styles. However, they know about other styles. It is important to know a bit about every major citation style. You must also check the written content with an accurate Plagiarism checker so that the content you share is of the highest quality and without plagiarism. Students get guidelines for their thesis or dissertation, and they must check which referencing style they can use in their paper. Students must cite their sources using the specified style; otherwise, the is a risk of submitting a plagiarized assignment. Students can also lose precious marks if they don’t use the mentioned referencing style. 

Harvard referencing style is one of the easiest styles to learn and implement, and if you cannot understand, you can take online Assignment Help to cite your sources accurately. When you use someone’s quotation or thoughts in your thesis, you need to acknowledge the person and give him credit for his contribution to the paper. If you avoid or do not correctly mention the person’s name, you can lose marks. When using the Harvard referencing style, the citation must include some essential attributes like the author’s name, publication year, etc.

Here are some rules you must follow while using Harvard referencing style.

1. Citing one author- if a student is including some quotation or thought of one author, then the student must mention the name of the author and the year of publishing.

2. Citing two or three authors – if a student uses works of two or three authors in the assignment, then all the names need to be included in the citation. With our accurate Chemical Equation Balancer, you can easily and accurately balance your chemical equations and get top grades.

3. Citing four or more authors- if a student mentions the works of four or more authors, then the abbreviation ‘et al.’ must be included after mentioning the name of the first author.

4. Citing works by the same author in the same year- students, when using some works published in the year, need to include a letter in lower case after the first to create a difference that clearly states the works. You can also check the Resume Builder if you want to create a perfect and impressive resume for your interviews.

5. Citing from parts written by various authors- when students are using some portions of a book written by a different author, then the student must mention the name of the author only.

6. Secondary referencing in Harvard style- there are times when the primary sources are not available, and an author uses the reference of another author’s work. When a student cites the said type of work, he/she need to acknowledge both the authors.

The above-mentioned rules can help you understand the Harvard referencing style and help you with assignments.

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