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Tips that Will Make You a Prevalent Article Writer

Tips that Will Make You a Prevalent Article Writer


Many students head into their writing tasks with little understanding of plagiarism. Such students are careless in using outside information and often find themselves in a fix due to their blatant use of outside sources. This act of plagiarism both unintentional or intentional leads to penalties that range from mark deduction to cancellation and in some cases, expulsion. As a student and an essay writer, you should know how to avoid plagiarism and use outside information correctly. A write my paper may help these people with improving their articles momentarily, despite as time goes on, they ought to practice upon it in detachment.

What is plagiarism?

Once a paper or work is published it becomes the intellectual property of the person who has published it. Using this information in your writing without the required reference to the work or the author is committing academic theft. Even if you use work, owned and written by you, in new writing, you will still need to reference your previous work; Not mentioning your own work leads to self-plagiarism.

Plagiarism is not only copying a text word-to-word— in fact, many who knowingly steal information, use various other ways. Plagiarism can be the use of another's work, its ideas, wording, and methods, without acknowledging the author.



The essay hook

The essay hook is a statement, a fact, a quote, or a stat that entices the reader to pay attention to your essay and read a bit into it. 

Background information

The background information will contain information about the subject matter, going from the general to the specific. This allows the reader to get the context of the essay topic that you have to write on.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement will state the main focus of the essay. The thesis should answer the essay prompt directly and tell the reader what is the task that you intend to take on in the essay. The thesis statement for lengthy essays includes a thesis outline by paper writing service, mentioning the main points that you want to discuss . 

The summary of the source or a part of it helps you make use of the main points and the main focus of the text. You can summarize the entire research information if it supports your writing. However, like the rest of the borrowed information, you should attribute the author/s. 

Many writers tend to make summaries of the research they read during their note-taking process. If you too have done so, then you can make use of the information to create your summary. 

Make sure that your writing doesn’t become patchy and that you introduce the information’s source and author beforehand to allow the readers to make the connection. 

Effective note-making

During your research, you should be attentive to the information and opinions that can help with your claims and points. You should therefore make notes as you go through the various sources in your writing. Using these notes you will:

  • Provide context to the ideas you are presenting and the subject you are working on. 
  • Give the existing or past views of experts on the topic.
  • Back your ideas and claims with statistics and expert findings. 
  • Expand on certain source information that will help you take forward your discussion.

When you go through the source material, you should highlight and mark the main points and ideas. Coming upon any potential supporting information, try to rewrite them in your own words in your notes. You should then either summarize the important passages or summarize the source as a whole. Lastly, you will find it useful to highlight the most important points, phrases, and stats that stand out, so you can give yourself the option to quote them late on. They rush through the draft making the sentences and ideas, using write my paper for me and the essay outline. Once the essay takes a rough form, do they review and edit their essay.

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