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New Year Project

New Year Project

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes., wrapped between Christmas on one side and Chinese New Year on the other. It may sound strange, but do you know that accepting first January as the start of New Year did not come easy? It has a long and interesting history behind it. Would you like to listen to that? I am sure you would. So let's begin. People didn't always celebrate the new year on the first of January. Mesopotamians and many other ancient civilizations celebrated the new year around the 20th of March. The earlier Roman or the Romulus calendar followed the lunar calendar and fire just 10 months in a year, starting from the present time month of March to December. The history of first January as the start of New Year dates back to the Roman dictator Julius Caesar.

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Caesar upon suggestions of sausage genes and Alexandria an astronomer designed a solar calendar to follow. The year was calculated to have 365 and one by four days. But the solar calendar still had some flaws. So as Julius Caesar died, the celebrations of New Year's Day on first January fell out of practice. Later in the 1570s, Pope Gregory 13 came up with the new calendar with the help of astronomer Christopher Flavius. The Gregorian calendar as opposed to calls was implemented in 1582, with the rule that only one of every four Centennial years would be a leap year. And since then, first January was celebrated as New Year's Day Love Poetry  Interesting, isn't it? Now, come on.

Let's go to another interesting part. Can you name the months of the year? I am sure you can. But do you know how are these actually named? Yes, each of these months is a story of its own. So let's get started again.

January, the first month is named after the Roman god, Janice, the Lord of gates and doorways, and associated with new beginnings. sanctuary comes from the Latin word, February, which means to expiate or purify. The month takes its name from the Roman festival of purification, called February, the order in which people were ritually washed. March comes from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Mars was so named because several festivals were carried out in that month in the honor of the war god march was originally the starting month of the Roman calendar. Time to resume the war. April. It is said that the month of April was sacred to Venus and her festival fell on the first day of the month.


The original Latin name of April, April This is derived from fo died, the Greek name for Venus. me this month got its name from May, the earth goddess, and a nurturer. According to Greek mythology, May means the great one. Then comes June, June got its name from the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter. She was the goddess of marriage and childbirth. Then comes my favorite month, July, July was named in honor of Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar died winterless, which was his birth month was renamed July, August. The month of August was originally named sexiness in Latin since it was the sixth month in the ancient Roman calendar love Shayari in urdu.

The name of the month was changed to August in honor of Augustus Caesar in eight weeks. See, September. The month name comes from the Latin word septum, meaning seven in the original 10 months, ancient Roman calendar Septem came at the seventh position, October, the Latin word for eight. Octo is the origin of the name October, the eighth month in the ancient Roman calendar. November. The name November comes from the Latin word Novem. Meaning nine are the French to its ninth position in the ancient Roman calendar. December, December gets its name from the Latin word, December, or 10, as it used to be the 10th month in the ancient Roman calendar. Now let's talk about the strange and interesting ways of celebrating the New Year in different countries of the world. So let's start with Eden Burg.


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