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About Those Cucumbers

About Those Cucumbers

Getting started

The cucumbers I have this year are few but again they had to learn to swim for most of the summer. What we have tried so far are round tomatoes that look like little green tennis balls, without fuzz.

I didn’t think of taking a picture of these fun tomatoes when they are ripe but they are just like any other cucumber when they are ripe, they are just round like house plant identifier.

I will have to keep some seeds from these guys and grow more next year.

Concordia Grapes

The Concordia grape vines that run along part of our property fence is covered with plump healthy looking grapes. They taste pretty good too. I’m sure the birds are going to be loving them over the next few weeks as they feed up for the flight south.

I heard one of our neighbours behind us. I think she was talking to her mother. She was telling her how good the grapes are as they were picking and eating them right from the vine. So nice to know we can eat things in our yard like that because we don’t use pesticides.

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