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What Realtors Can Teach You About Online Dating

What Realtors Can Teach You About Online Dating

Realtors are pretty awesome people.  They’re like car salesmen, but for houses!   And you gotta figure, a house is a much bigger purchase than a car.

Realtors manage to sell sub-par houses all the time with the right spin in the MLS description.

A house doesn’t have to be perfect to sell – it just needs the right features to attract the right buyer.

What can you learn from them to apply to your online dating profile?

The Right Spin

I had a temp job at a real estate agency for several months where I got to learn the fun things that realtors do to make houses look awesome on paper. For example, nobody’s going to go see a house described as “tiny” but one that’s “quaint” sounds adorable, doesn’t it?

A house with a horribly designed living room might come with a free plasma TV.   That “great location, near to everything” sounds much better than “I-95 is just on the other side of your back fence.“  Is the house falling apart?  No problem, it’s a “handyman’s special!”

In your online dating profile, you’ll want to find the way to highlight your best features.  What makes you worth buying?

Another Trick of the Trade

Been doing online dating for a while and getting zero results?

One realtor trick that works is taking a house off the market and then re-listing it as a “new” property.   You can do the same thing with online dating!

Take your profile out of the mix for a month or so.  Use that time to get some brand new pictures and write a new profile.  Then for your triumphant return, the final thing to do is changing your username to something new and fun!

Shazzam!  You’re all new and ready to rock the online dating scene!

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