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Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK 2021 free download

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK 2021 free download

Similar to other FPS released on mobile, in Call of Duty Mobile you have simple controls: with half the screen you aim, while in another you move the character. The shots are automatic, when the aim passes over an enemy. However, the skill to aim is what counts in this game Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK.

The controls work well, to the point that you forget you're playing on a cell phone for a while. This is helped by the graphic quality, which is high, even when the game is run in the "Low" setting - for less powerful devices. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most beautiful in the genre, for sure.

In addition, it is worth noting that Call of Duty Mobile is exclusively multiplayer. You will always play with and against other players, so an active connection is required to take advantage. However, the game works even with a connected data network, without necessarily needing Wi-Fi, which is a good thing.
To top it off, Call of Duty Mobile has Battle Royale modes as well as traditional ones. It is possible to configure weapons in the smallest details, level up, unlock new items and colors for your character. It is a truly complete game, without having to spend a lot, in most cases.

It is worth it for those who are fans of the series on PC and consoles, but also for those who were tired of playing Fortnite or Free Fire and want another famous brand in the palm of their hand.

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