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MLA Format Research Paper for New Writers

MLA Format Research Paper for New Writers

MLA Format Research Paper for New Writers

There are many kinds of formatting styles when writing a term paper. Today, our essay writer will focus on the MLA format research paper to let you have an idea how to compose such an article for research.

High school term papers are usually required to be written as an evaluation tool project. Teachers know that by implementing such a task, students will be able to prepare themselves to write more rigorous requirements when they reach college level. From argumentative papers to persuasive paper topics, it is possible that the learning they will get from high school can still be applied during their undergraduate years. So how do we write an MLA format research paper?


In terms of putting the details about the writer, you can actually write your name, professor’s name, subject and date at the upper left hand corner of the first page of your term paper. Unlike in an APA format where you need to provide a cover page, the MLA format research paper can accommodate these details in the very first page of an article. Of course, if you are going to write a thesis-like document, the pattern would have been much different.


In an MLA format research paper, the in-text citation is also the same with the APA format. You can either use block quotations or one-line quotations as you wish. The only difference is that you need to provide the author’s last name together with the page number of his work where you have lifted the referenced part.


Also, you may indirectly quote the author by using “According to…”, “(The Author) said…” or “based on…” terms. You can use examples of expository essays if you wish to know more how to do this.

Lastly, an MLA format research paper has a distinct pagination style. You need to write your last name at the upper right hand corner of your article’s pages. This is to be followed by the page number as corresponded by the number of papers in the document. You can get an example of term paper when you check out the samples page on the "essay writer service" site.

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