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How to advertise your home online to attract more buyers

How to advertise your home online to attract more buyers


If you thought that taking advantage of the internet to sell or rent your house consisted of uploading photos of your property and saying that it is a 'beautiful house' or an 'excellent opportunity', you are leaving aside essential rules that will truly allow you to get the most out of your online ad.

Take note and apply these valuable tips from Vivanuncios to put your house or apartment for sale or for rent and have a better chance of success:

1.       Above all, take care of the image of your house . Unfortunately, or for the better, many things in life we ​​like or dislike just seconds after seeing them for the first time. Some believe that this goes from a few thousandths of a second, to the famous seven seconds essential to make a good impression.

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On the internet that is no different, every day we are exposed to all kinds of stimuli and choosing between one or the other basically depends on how attractive they are to us.

Therefore, uploading an advertisement for your house for sale or rent that is very attractive on a visual level is vital. The first step is to arrange all the rooms so that they look organized and clean, no clothes on the couches, towels in the bathroom or unwashed dishes in the kitchen.

Also, try to remove most of the elements that personalize your property, that is, remove the photos of your wedding from the wall of your bedroom or the portraits of your children on the beach that you have in the living room. If what you want is to rent, it is best for potential tenants to see how spacious the kitchen is or that the living room is very well lit. They have to observe the potential of your house so that you can convince them that it is the best option.

In the case of selling your house, even more so. The people who see it must be able to visualize their life in the house or apartment that you are putting up for sale and that will hardly happen if what they see is your cellar full of your belongings.  

One last tip: if you are going to use your cell phone to take the photos, try to take them horizontally so that the details can be appreciated in a panoramic way, discard the photos that are blurred or very dark.

2. Describe it in the right words . How many times have you seen on the internet «Nice house for sale, excellent opportunity». It is okay to use adjectives, but taking care to differentiate yourself from others. What you need is to shout from the rooftops what you offer and what others do not. It emphasizes whether it is spacious (in m2), the size of the garden, the quality of the finishes, the views it offers, the amount of light that each room receives, and so on.

In the title add data that add value, instead of "Beautiful apartment for sale" opts for "Apartment for sale in San Pedro de los Pinos, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 million pesos." That way, you are clear and concise from the title of your ad.

To describe the interior of the house, we suggest you provide a visual tour, lean on the photos and go describing room by room, point out its characteristics as if you were giving a personal tour, do not forget to mention those aspects that cannot be seen, that is amenities such as roof garden , play areas, gym, meeting room, pool, etc., as well as security services and others that may be attractive.

An important tip: if you want your property to be interesting for a single person, highlight what may interest them, for example, the proximity to means of transport or if the building is pet-friendly ; If you prefer to rent your house to a young couple with one or more children, highlight the green or play areas. The idea is to adapt your speech according to your objective.

3. Set the appropriate price . Finally, it is extremely important that when uploading your ad to the internet you indicate an appropriate price to rent or sell your property: neither above nor below the average.

We know that your house has a great sentimental value for you and that you could ask five million for it, but the market rules and therefore you must do an investigation of the prices in the area, check what the sale or rental price of properties is similar to yours. When you choose the price arbitrarily, you run the risk of driving away potential interested parties and it will take too long to sell or lease.

Get to work, use these tips and show the best of your home on the net.


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