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How to write narrative essay

How to write narrative essay

Part 1


Tell your story clearly and accurately. A narrative essay is about an event that you or others have experienced. In a narrative essay, you might describe a personal experience where embryonic stem cell research could help you or someone you love overcome a debilitating condition.  


Part 2

 Include all the elements of good storytelling. You will need an introduction, setting, plot, characters, climax, and ending. 

Introduction: the beginning. How do you want to create a story? Is there anything useful or important here that will be discussed later?   

Setting: where the action takes place. What does it look like? What words can you use to make the reader feel like they are present when reading?   

Plot: What's going on. The flesh of the story, the main action. Why is this story worth telling?   

 Characters: Who appears in the story. What does history tell us about these characters? What do these characters tell us about the story?   

Climax: tension before anything is resolved. Are we hanging on the edge of the seat? We need to know what will happen next?   

Conclusion: how everything decides. What does this story ultimately mean? How have things, people, ideas changed now that the end is open?   


Part 3

Have a clear point of view. Most narrative essays are written from the perspective of an essay writer , but you can also consider other perspectives if your point of view is consistent. 

Use the pronoun "I" if you are a storyteller. In a narrative essay, you can use the first person. But don't overdo it. In all essays, you will sound more authoritative if you present facts or opinions from a third person.   


Part 4

 Make a point. You are telling a story, but the purpose of the story is to emphasize a special point. Incorporate your main idea into your dissertation statement and make sure all elements of your story relate to your dissertation statement.  

 What have you learned? How is your essay researching what you have learned? 

How have you changed? How is the "you" who started the essay different from the "you" now? Linked to the question “what have you learned?” But different from it. questions.   


Part 5

Choose your language carefully. You need words to evoke emotions in the reader, so choose words on purpose. 



Take your time with everything, but also write the essay not too long. Think of the key ideas as priorities before moving on to the less important parts. 

Remember: don't wait until the last minute to write your essay! You must give yourself enough time to carefully follow the steps above. Otherwise, you may rush to work and end up with a poorly written essay. If you nevertheless find yourself in such a situation - contact free essay writers . They will be able to settle the situation quickly and without plagiarism. However, it is worth resorting to this as little as possible.  


Avoid the following:

Make columns from lists of point shapes.

Implementation of a comma separated list within a part.

Put “ cetera ” (etc.) at the end of the list . When teachers see "etc.," They interpret it as "and I can't think of anything else." 

The marker points to every idea you had before writing each section. This gives you a good starting point for finding ideas, rather than relying on memory and risking losing useful points. 


A warning

Avoid plagiarism. References or footnotes to all borrowed quotes, facts and ideas that do not belong to you, even if you paraphrase them, are given in parentheses. Most educators can quickly detect and control plagiarism with a 5-second Google search or plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin . You may even be accused of plagiarism for reworking material you have already written that is expected to create new material every time. Plagiarism is a serious crime in the academic world, with many students expelled from colleges and universities for plagiarism.    

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