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“ Provide easy access mentorship about real-life challenges so that young adults can define and achieve their own definition of success faster „

Mentoree is a young startup registered in France

Mentoree’s mission is to provide easy access mentorship about real-life challenges so that its users can be successful, faster.

Our products are online “Quests” and a virtual “AI Mentor” in which users are supported to define and achieve goals

This exciting experience is enabled by a combination of Psychological/ Sociological research and Mentoree’s transformative AI which powers a complex filtering/ analysis system

We have finalized the prototyping of our web application and are developing its front-end

We aim for an MVP Launch by September focusing towards the French market and taking users through two Quests about self-awareness and career planning

What we are looking for



Any network within the French or European government would be a massive asset

Web consulting

Web consulting

If you have skills in AI/ back end development, we would have plenty of challenges for you !

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Key stages of Mentoree

Back End Development

Find the data required, build the super admin UI, build the AI/ back end structure...

07 AUGUST 2020

Front End Development

Roughly code the HTML/ CSS/ Javascript of the prototype provided

15 JULY 2020


Prototyping is taking the rough UI and scope of the wireframing and making it something much more precise + including UX and code previews for a successful transition to development. We did our prototype with the Figma software

01 MAY 2020


Wireframing the idea and its design is key to better define the scope and technical requirements targeted

01 MAY 2019
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