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With the right color, you can engineer or tweak behavior

With the right color, you can engineer or tweak behavior

However, vigilance, which involves thinking deeply and sharply about something, is not always what you want.  Sometimes, you want them to think more broadly. There is some evidence that the color Blue, for example, expands our horizons.  So if you are looking for creativity or breadth of thinking, then Blue seems to lead to that sort of an outcome.

Red seems to have a particularly negative effect on freeessaywriter websites and is not recommended for a website background. For one, red seems to make time seem as if its passing a little bit more slowly. So, when you are waiting for a website to load, the color red agitates you and when the content finally does appear, you will be in a less positive mood and less disposed to enjoying that content than you would be if the background was, say yellow or blue, and some research in the Drunk Tank Pink book seems to suggest that this is true.

When visitors see red, they also seem to think that the website took longer to load. Page load times can literally be a silver bullet between converting a visitor into a sale. People think your website is loading slowly than it really is which could actually prevent people from buying whatever it is that you’re selling.

An experiment in France where women were trying to hitchhike wore different colored shirts. The research showed that women were indifferent to the color of the shirts on the women but when men drove by, first of all, they were more likely to stop for these women, but they were especially likely to stop when the women were wearing the red shirt. This was true across all the different women. So the color red seems to make one more desirable and attractive, and this includes men as well. We know that women are more likely to get more hits when they put on red shirts on online dating profiles. This is symmetrical and works for both men and women. Red seems to make you seem more interested and desirable and this is what draws people to it.


Both women and men get more hits when they put on red shirts on online dating profiles


Pink seems to make kids more calm and more engaged.

In one study, strong healthy males were selected with one half staring at the color pink and the other half at the color blue. When they gripped a hand grip measure, it was found that the ones that stared at pink were a little bit weaker and this was true for almost all the men.  This study led to another write essay for me study which saw prison cells of violent criminals painted pink which resulted in them being much calmer. Pink thus seemed to have a tranquilizing effect on these men.

It is not surprising therefore from the above that the most gendered color in our society today is pink. Even blue, which most people seem to think as the color for boys is, in most cases, associated with women, at least as far as Google goes.

Names and Naming

What makes a name successful? Is it the rhythm, fluency or both?

Actually, it’s both.

Fluent names have their benefits both for a person and a company.  Names can also be influent, which makes them difficult to pronounce and hard to remember.  What’s interesting though is just how powerful an effect having a fluent name can be.

A study was conducted on the names of lawyers and how the fluency of their names predicted how quickly they rose to partnership in the law firm. What was found, controlling for all sorts of other features, was that those with simpler names, and in the middle part of their careers, sort of 8-15 years into their careers, were about 10 percent more likely to be looked partners of law firms than those without fluent names.

The bottom line: A fluent name has a tangible benefit to whether or not you get promoted as a lawyer.

This leads us to the question why? Why does having a different name influence your outcome 12, 15 years later?

To suggest that your name can influence your career 15 years from now is just striking!

One of the suggestions that was made from the study was that perhaps when you first meet someone, if you experience the ease associated with processing their name fluently, you’re more likely to wanna put them on a team to work with them, to repeat their name, to tell other people about their name. And so, that very early interaction that you have with the lawyer, with either a fluent name or a dis-fluent name, goes on to sort of snowball into shaping their outcomes much later on.

People make all sorts of assumptions based on fluency which tends to make them believe that other people with fluent names are much easier to work with.

For example, people believe that a statement written in a font that is much easier to read is more likely to be true. They tend to find it more trustworthy and have more confidence in that statement and idea, which again, makes the person to be perceived as more reliable.

In a different study, a number of stocks and stock names in the U.S. were investigated. It was found that when a stock first emerges on the market following its IPO and people don’t know all that much about the company, just as they feel much more comfortable about the lawyer with the simple name, they feel a little bit better about the stock with the simple name. Those stocks actually seem to get a slightly higher boost post- IPO.  It was found that in the first week of trading, stocks with simpler names, and even stocks with ticker codes that are easier to pronounce as English words, seemed to do much better.

The bottom line: The name of the stock impacts the effect that it has.


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