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Validation racquetball rules

Validation racquetball rules

Racquetball was developed by Joe Sobek in 1950. Sobek, an American expert tennis and squash player needed to create another game that joined components of squash, handball and paddleball that was fast and simple to learn. 

Initially called paddle rackets, the racquetball principles were systematized in 1952 and, through utilization of America's 40,000 YMCA and JCC (Jewish Community Center) handball courts, the game accomplished fast development. In 1969 the International Racquetball Association (awful abbreviation!) was established and acknowledgment by the US Olympic Committee followed. There are at present around 6,000,000 racquetball players, just as a lot more that play (confusingly) racketball, a less powerful UK-developed variation of the game.

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