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Definition of a Thesis Statement
A thesis statement is a sentence that generally ties together the main idea of any argument. Since it is the last part of the introduction of your essay, it can be considered as the closing paragraph. A good thesis statement should not be extremely long because, if it is well written, it will significantly help bring out the main argument of the paper. It constitutes a single sentence that summarizes the main argument of the paper. However, it should not be too short or too complicated as it looks to explain the key ideas of the essay.

Tips for Writing it
When it comes to writing a good thesis statement, it is imperative to do more research on the topic before you start the writing. One of the best ways to do this is essay help with your tutor or reading journals, magazines, or books. The last step that you can consider while preparing your thesis statement is to formulate a thesis statement that is clearly written and succinctly outlines your main argument.

Considerations for Formulating a Research Topic
A good topic for your thesis statement should be that which is going to be examined in the final essay. Once you have found such a topic, create an outline that you will base your work on. The outline should have the following characteristics;

1. It should be clear and precise
2. Should have a rational argument
3. It should also be something that you can prove. You cannot write a good thesis statement if it does not reflect what is in the material presented in the article.
It is not easy to come up with a perfect thesis for your paper. Fortunately, tutors will always be available to assist you. Also, form a working question that you can ask yourself whenever you get stuck.

Types of Thesis Statements
1. Analytical
These statements make the claim easier to prove. They are the people who appear to prove the thesis, mainly through the images posted on their social media. when written well, they usually result in a high scoring academic article. Analytical thesis Statements will have the following characteristics;

1. Brief
2. Offer general information on the topic.
3. Informative 
4. Logical 
Each statement made in a thesis statement should only carry a single point. When writing an excellent statement, the chances are that the information will be easily understood by the reader. Hence, you have to create it in a way the reader will understand it without much struggle.

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